You can’t blame it all on Adam and Eve.


Fact is, you’ve had choices to make. And sometimes you chose what you knew to be wrong, didn’t you? Every one of us have. So, while Adam and Eve started the thing, you’ve done your part as well. You’ve rebelled. You’ve kept the break between God and His creation going. You’ve sinned.

God can’t stand sin. It’s not just that he doesn’t like it. God and sin simply cannot exist in the same place. Which means God and you cannot exist in the same place. You cannot have a relationship with Him because you are a rebel.

Sin must be punished, and the punishment is the death penalty. That’s how awful sin is. And it’s the sinner that must pay the price. Which means that eternal separation from God and punishment in Hell is in your future.

What about right now? Like the photo of the Grand Canyon on this page, you stand on one side and God stands on the other. A gorge that can’t be crossed separates you from Him.