What now?

Because He loves you, God cannot stand to allow this gorge, this separation to remain. And He cannot stand to think of eternal separation and punishment. So God designed the perfect solution. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to earth.

The Bible tells us about Jesus. He lived a normal life as a man, but, at the same time, lived it as God. Jesus loved the people He came in contact with. He sought them out. He talked with them. He healed them. He told them about God and then showed them how to live to please God, to live a perfect life. Finally, He submitted to a death sentence that He did not deserve. And He did it for the people.

But that wasn’t the end. After three days, He rose up out of His grave, alive.  He beat death.

Jesus took your place on a cross over 2000 years ago. God saw Jesus’ death as payment for your sin.  And His power over sin and death is yours. Free.