About Giving

At The Crossing we believe that giving of our finances is part of our worship of God and therefore a discipleship issue.

There are four ways that you can give:

1.  Use the envelope provided in the worship folder and place it in the basket at the end of the service;

2.  Use the envelope provided in the worship folder and mail it to the church;

3.  Use your bank’s bill pay system;

4.  Give on this website by clicking on the Give Online button on the right.


Can I designate my giving to a specific fund or account?
Yes.  On the giving page you can select to give to several different funds 
Are there additional fees associated with giving online?
Yes and no.  When you give there is a 1% on e-checks and 3% on debit/credit cards.  That feed is taken out of the donation that you make or you can select the box which adds the fee onto your gift so that the entire gift goes to the area you have designated.


Will I receive a contribution statement for online donations?
Yes.  The Crossing Free Methodist Church issues quarterly giving statements.


Can I give online and still give in a service?
Is online giving secure?
Yes.  The service that we use for online giving encrypts all information before transmission.


Who do I talk to if I have a question?
You can call the church office – 814-676-6611.